Side Gigs Are a Bridge for Finding Your Way Through Recovery

Recovering from an addiction can be so challenging. While sorting out life, finding ways to make ends meet can feel impossible. However, opportunities abound via side gigs, bringing fulfilling and flexible opportunities during the journey, especially when you’re looking for that first job.

Moonlighting, hustling and side gigs. Thanks to the flexibility of our current culture, finding adaptable income opportunities is easier than ever. Back in the day, the kind of work we’re talking about was termed “moonlighting,” and now it’s commonly referred to as a “side gig” or “side hustle.” Many people take on a side gig to supplement their income. In fact, according to some statistics, as many as 44 million Americans are currently working side gigs. Side gigs offer flexibility, since you can generally set your own hours and work as much or as little as you want. Participating in a side gig means being your own boss! Whether becoming a pet sitter, selling handmade items on Etsy, or teaching musical instrument lessons, there are a number of fulfilling ways to make a living.

Side gigs and stress reduction. Flexibility isn’t the only benefit of side gigs. Since most of the opportunities can be done out of your own home, you can avoid much of the stress associated with traditional work environments. As the experts at Rock Recovery Center explain, workplace

stress can be a trigger for those new to recovery. Thankfully, part of recovery means putting tools in your toolkit for managing those concerns. Rely on those coping skills to stay sober and successfully navigate the challenges involved with returning to the working world.

Experience and skills. Another great benefit from side gigs is the chance to develop skills and experience to help you toward your dream job. One suggestion is to see this time as an opportunity for paving the road to your future endeavors. You can develop connections through your side gig that could lead to other opportunities, or learn a specialized skill that will translate into growing your own business or a new career.

Jumping in. Getting started in a side gig is easier than you may think! Try using an online platforms that connects consumers with those offering a product or skill. US News & World Report notes there are plenty of platforms out there to help you get established, and most cost little or nothing to engage. In fact, some experts suggest steering clear of any platforms that require a substantial financial investment, as that’s an indicator you may be taking a gamble. Some platforms vet participants, so prepare appropriate references, usually a few business- related references and a few personal ones. Depending on what you plan to do, you may need to perform a demonstration of your skills as well, such as by taking a typing test. Another option is to explore online job boards, or you can directly contact companies for whom you want to work.

What can I offer? One of the things some of us struggle with coming out of recovery is figuring out what we’re good at. One idea is to make a list. Write down all of your skills, talents and interests, and look for a theme. Are you great at organizing and scheduling? You could be a remote travel planner. Can you put together flattering outfits for friends without batting an eye? Become someone’s personal shopper. Do you crunch numbers with ease? Try some online bookkeeping for a small business or entrepreneur. Is working out your bag, and do you have a gift for encouragement? You could start your own personal training business. Whatever your strengths are, you can find a niche to help you prosper!

Your work, your way. Side gigs can be a boon to those going through recovery. It’s a chance to prepare for your future while making ends meet now. Decide what kinds of opportunities are best suited to your situation, and pursue your dreams!

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