Narcan® (Naloxone) and the Health Department

Health Departments in states across the country are scrambling to put together programs that educate, train, and in some counties give out Naloxone (the generic drug of Narcan®). This life saving drug is a front line defense for opioid overdoses and the rise in opioid overdoses is at epidemic proportions. The Trump administration has put opioid overdoses at emergency crises levels.

Now, emergency personnel across the country, police, fire and EMS carry Narcan® (naloxone), as well as many public buildings and private businesses and universities. Health departments have been challenged with the task to teach first responders, police, fire, and EMS, in the proper handling and administration of Narcan® (naloxone), what are the signs and symptoms of an overdose and how to stop it. The Health departments are also in charge of supplying police, fire, and EMS with the proper equipment. RescueShotCase has worked with health departments across the country as well as police, fire and EMS, to ensure they have the right case to store and transport the Naloxone (Narcan®). RescueShotCase opioid overdose cases are a perfect fit for both the life saving drug (whether it is the Narcan® brand or generic or Evzio® injector) with room for other supplies, such as CPR mask and gloves, etc.

RescueShotCase naloxone kit cases are bright red and easily identified in an emergency, so they are a favorite among police, fire and EMS.

These rugged RescueShotCase cases were constructed with public safety in mind, but they have quickly become a favorite for Universities, Rehab Centers, Park Rangers,

and personal naloxone kits as well.

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