Police, fire, EMS, and campus security in a number of states are starting to carry the drug naloxone (Narcan®). Due to the increased number of fatalities from opioid overdoses, many states have now required that all first responders carry the life saving drug naloxone (Narcan® ). Some major cities even have the beat cops carrying this important medication. As illegal drugs sold on the street that are opioids, as well as from prescription abuse of common narcotics increase, the number of overdoses in this country continue to grow exponentially and the need for naloxone (Narcan®) rises.

Many states have also created legislation that allow consumers to purchase the drug naloxone (Narcan®) over the counter (without a prescription) directly from a pharmacy.

This drug comes as a pre‐filled syringe that with an attached atomizer can be sprayed directly into the nostrils of the patient. They generally are purchased two at a time and with the atomizer attachment that turns the liquid into a spray.

RescueShotCase, a leading case manufacturer for life‐saving medications has created the naloxone (Narcan®) opioid overdose carrying case. This case is extremely lightweight and made from neoprene. The clear outside pocket is great for storing medical information, instructions, or even the expiration date. Inside there is a strap to hold the medications in place, as well as a mesh pocket for the atomizers and gloves, CPR mask, etc. This case is clearly marked and created in red, for easy identification in an emergency.

Currently, RescueShotCase sells these cases to police, fire, EMS, as well as campus security and rehab centers.

RescueShotCase created this case to meet the growing need to transport these emergency medications by first responders such as police, fire, EMS, campus security, and rehab centers.

For more information on RescueShotCase please see our website

NARCAN® is a registered trademark licensed to ADAPT Pharma Operations Limited.

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