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As parents of kids with food allergies anytime we send our kids out of the house in the morning we always worry. Do they have their epinephrine with them, if they are exposed to something will they be able to administer it, or will the staff they’re with, recognize the symptoms, and administer it properly?

These are our Food Allergy worries as a parent.

Camp is fun for kids! It helps them relax and grow in ways differently than school will. As the food allergy population rises, it is no longer a small minority. Here in the U.S., as well as worldwide, the amount of people suffering from food allergy has increased to epidemic proportions.

Camps are more and more aware and accommodating for children with food allergy. Most camps are aware of food allergies, and some will try to accommodate for them. They keep epinephrine auto‐injectors (i.e. Epipens ) on hand, train staff in their proper use, and take necessary precautions to prevent a reaction.

A great way to carry epinephrine auto‐injectors is with RescueShotCase epinephrine auto‐ injector cases. They come in a number of colors and styles and can carry one or two epinephrine auto‐injectors (i.e. Epipens ). They also have a pocket on the back to carry instructions, emergency information or even other medications. These RescueShotCases are used by a number of camps, schools, and day care centers. Until we find a cure to food allergies, our best defense is always carrying epinephrine auto‐injectors (i.e. Epipens ) and a great way to make it easy to carry is with RescueShotCase!

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