Naloxone on the front lines

As the U.S. has seen a spike in overdoses from opioids, there has been a call to action from the government to increase awareness and availability of the opioid overdose drug Naloxone. Currently, most police and fire/EMS departments have their members trained in the usage of Naloxone and many carry them. NYPD as well as other major cities are looking into having their foot patrols carrying Naloxone on their belt. Some states have even made the drug available without a prescription. Rescue Shot Case has been on the forefront of developing rugged, and easy to carry medical cases. Our flagship cases for epinephrine auto-injectors are available world-wide and has become a household name with extreme allergy sufferers who must carry epinephrine auto-injectors with them.

The newest case is to allow for the easy carrying of Naloxone. It is a great case for Fire, EMS Police, and schools. The soft shell neoprene case offers great protection as well as a mesh pocket that can hold atomizers, two pairs of gloves, CPR shields or any other necessary items. There is also a stretch strap to help hold the medication in place. On the back, this case has a clear pocket for ID, or expiration info, patrol car number, etc.

These Rescue Shot Case Naloxone opioid overdose cases are being sold by medical supply, and through in the U.S.

More information about this case or any other Rescue Shot Case products can be found at

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