Summer Camp and Food Allergies

Sending your food allergy child to summer camp can be stressful. Whether you are preparing to send your child to a local day camp or to a sleep-away camp, there are plenty of choices. But with a child who has a food allergy, it can be a little more difficult.

Ideally, if you have a camp in the area that caters to food allergy children, that can be the easiest choice. Usually, it’s not that simple. Many times children want to go to the summer camp their friends are attending, or there are no specific camps that are food allergy free in the area.

Here are some tips for managing food allergies at summer camp:

Speak to the camp director and find out if they have other children in the camp with food allergies. If they do, ask them what their protocols are.

Ask the camp if your child can be assigned a counselor who has familiarity with children with food allergies or has been previously trained to deal with them.

Speak directly with the counselor who will be overseeing your child’s bunk and explain to them your child’s sensitivities, symptoms, and of course, emergency protocols i.e.administering epinephrine auto-injectors, follow up, etc.

For insect allergies and food allergies speak to the camp about having the counselor carrying an Epipen® / Auvi-Q™ in a carrying case. RescueShotCase was designed for ease of use and can fit one or two Epipen® / Auvi-Q™ epinephrine auto-injectors. They are great for camp settings, that they ensure that the medication is always available and on the go with the child or counselor.

Even for camps that store the Epipen® /Auvi-Q™ ’s in the nurses station, RescueShotCase is a great Epipen® / Auvi-Q™ case for camp trips. They can be clipped onto a knapsack or belt very easily! RescueShotCase also has a pocket in the back of the case that you can keep emergency information in, so it’s always available on the go.

Talk to your child about having an open dialogue with their counselor and camp directors. They should feel comfortable about telling their counselor or directors if something doesn’t feel right. Better to be safe than sorry.

Send your child with an abundance of safe snacks that they can eat. Kids who are running around all day burn a lot of calories and tend to get very hungry. This way they will have safe snacks to turn to (also children, as well as adults :), make poorer decisions when they are hungry, so this can help prevent them from making a bad call!).

Stay safe and enjoy the summer!!

RescueShotCase is an epinephrine auto-injector (Epipen®) case that can hold one or two auto-injectors

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