Thanksgiving and Food Allergies

Halloween is now behind us. The Teal Pumpkin Project, a great program, was a huge success. It was amazing to see the national and local media spotlight that was shone on this amazing project and the general awareness it brought to food allergies both here in the United States and abroad. We hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween!

Now, as we turn to November, we approach another great holiday, Thanksgiving! Do we eat out at friends or family? Stay at home with guests? Or as the trend grows, to dine with friends and family at a restaurant? (It seems more and more people are enjoying the convenience of not having to cook, or clean up afterwards!) Regardless of where you spend your Thanksgiving, for food allergy sufferers and their caretakers it can take a little bit of planning. Here are some of our tips:

  • If you are celebrating at home let your guests know of a food allergy, and ask if any guests

that will becoming are subject to any dietary restrictions. This dialog can often prevent a guest

from bringing a gift or dessert that may be questionable.

  • If you are dining out by family and friends, are they familiar with food allergies? Do they

understand the severity of your allergy? Are they aware of cross contamination? Have a

discussion with them about your food allergies.

  • Dining out at a restaurant is always a challenge. A great thing to have is a food allergy chef

card, a printed card that has the details of your allergy that can be shown to restaurant staff. You can print them out from most major allergy organizations, and there are even apps that will create a restaurant card for you in multiple languages, which is really great for travel. It's also important to call the restaurant beforehand and see how they deal with specific food allergies and are there certain protocols in place the chef can follow.

  • Epinephrine auto-injectors save lives. So whether you are staying home or dining out on Thanksgiving, please make sure to have current Epipen ® or Auvi-q ® devices with you at all times. Using a Epipen® or Auvi-q® case makes carrying your epinephrine auto-injector easy. Holders and carriers such as RescueShotCase cases, make carrying your Epipen® and Auvi- q epinephrine auto-injectors convenient.

Planning Thanksgiving with food allergies can take a little more time. But with food allergies, that little extra effort can save us a lot of trouble later on. Stay safe and have a healthy, enjoyable Thanksgiving!

More information on RescueShot Case Epipen® and Auvi-q® cases can be found at A chef card for allergies that can easily be printed can be found at the FARE website http://

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