Technology and Food Allergies

Through technology we constantly find ourselves better equipped to handle our daily lives. Our smartphones have become so invaluable that we couldn't imagine living without them. Technology bleeds into all different facets of our life, and helping to manage food allergies is no exception. Whether you have a peanut allergy or allergic to an insect sting, technology can help managing your allergies a bit easier.

Apple has just included in its newest version operating system for iPhone the ability to have your emergency contact information on the lock screen of your phone. Now you don't have to carry a separate emergency card, its all right there on your phone. The new program will allow you to provide your blood type and allergies right from the opening screen of your phone.

For travel, there are apps that will translate your emergency card in multiple languages, as well as provide food allergy restaurant cards. So you can eat safely when traveling abroad.

There are apps that are pre-loaded with menus from major restaurants with their publicly released allergen data, that will allow you set your food allergy and it will tell you if the dish contains your allergen. A word of caution is required; do not rely too heavily on these apps and always double check with the restaurant, as recipes can change. Even if the recipe doesn't have the allergen, depending on the severity of the allergy, cross contamination can also be a factor. It also speaks to the importance of carrying your Epipen® with you at all times, so in the event of an anaphylaxis emergency it is right where you need it. An Epipen® case, like Rescue Shot Case, is a great way to ensure you always have your epinephrine auto-injector with you at all times.

Another great feature you can get for your smartphone is an app that scans barcode labels on food packages and will tell you the allergens contained in that particular food. It can also warn you if your specific food allergen is found in that food.

There is an add on device for your smartphone that has a disposable probe that can actually be placed into the food to test if it contains any ingredients that are commonly allergic. These devices are new and fairly expensive.

There is also an app that will help you locate an Epipen® or Auvi-Q® in the event of an emergency. It works through the automatic locator on your phone, and you sign up to register that you carry an Epipen® or Auvi-Q® and in the event of an emergency it will notify you of the emergency. Rescue Shot Case is a great Epipen® or Auvi-Q® case that allows you to keep it on your belt, or clipped onto a bag. So your Epipen® and or Auvi-Q® is always in the case and ready and available in the event of an anaphylaxis emergency.

It seems these apps are the wave of the future, and are just the beginning. They will get better and better at helping us manage our food allergies and who knows maybe they will help us find a cure.

Remember to always carry your Epipen® or Auvi-Q® with you at all times!

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