Always carry your Epinephrine with you!

It sounds simple enough, kind of like, always remembering to wear your seatbelt. But there are always times when we forget, or say to ourselves, “we are just going locally”.

Sometimes, if we are allergic to a food, our reasoning is that we won’t be eating, or if it’s a different allergy that we don’t plan on coming into contact with that allergy. Regardless, always carry your epinephrine auto-injector. That’s why an Epipen™ case is so important. A case allows you to clip it on a belt or bag that you will have with you during the day. So you always keep it with you, no matter whether you are travelling local or far.

A year ago an EMT from an EMS squad related a story to me.

They were called to a woman’s house where she was in anaphylactic shock. The EMT administered a dose of epinephrine and the EMS squad transported her to the hospital, saving her life. On the way to the emergency room, the EMT was taking her history, and found she was allergic to peanuts, but did not eat anything that contained peanuts. In fact, all she had done was jog on the boardwalk a half hour earlier and when she had come home she started to feel sick and called for help.

The EMT after dropping her off at the hospital, decided to check the boardwalk to see what could have caused the allergic reaction. At the boardwalk, he found a vendor selling food, that when asked, told the EMT that the oil they used to cook with, was peanut oil. Her reaction came from inhaling the cooking oil as she passed by, eventually causing her to go into anaphylactic shock.

This story impressed upon me the importance of carrying your epinephrine with you wherever you go. Whether we anticipate coming into contact with our allergens or not, we never know when it will be needed.

RescueShotCase is a great Epipen™ Case that allows you to carry your epinephrine auto-injector wherever you go. Many people carry two injectors, and RescueShotCase is an Epipen™ case with a stretch pocket that can hold securely either one or two epinephrine auto injectors.

The first thing I tell people who are newly diagnosed, is that they will never know when it will be needed, but make sure that when it is needed, it is there!

Good luck and Good Health!

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